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Stay tuned for details of the 2019 SCINEMA Community Screening Program!


SCINEMA Community Program is part of National Science Week. During the month of August 2018 we saw 818 screenings across Australia, with more than 89,000 people watching our SCINEMA curated playlists. Here’s what people said:


“This is a no stress way to celebrate science”


“Really easy package and great quality films!”


“As a school library we always try to promote key academic events/interests. We have the ability to project and display in an open space so we thought showing some films would appeal to our students”


“Interested in everything to do with science and as my son is home-schooled this was a great idea”


We create a selection of playlists, and our downloadable programs, poster and social sharing tools make sure you have everything you need to make your event a success. All you’ll need is a screen, computer, access to the internet and an audience (popcorn optional). Note that screenings can be public or private, but private screenings do not appear in the program for National Science Week.

Playlist summaries:

Look to see the types of playlists we offered – some of the films can still be seen on Australia’s Science Channel.


Best of SCINEMA (1hr 58 min)

Recommended for film and science lovers – featuring the Award Winning films from SCINEMA 2018.  Please note that this playlist is rated M and contains films with nudity and mild sex scenes.


Primary school playlist (33min/1hr 33min)

Recommended for 5-12 year olds. Note: for the shorter playlist, skip the last film.

In class? Click HERE.


Secondary school playlist (63 mins/ 1 hr 56 min)

Recommended for secondary school audiences. Note: for a shorter playlist, skip the last film.

In class? Click HERE.


Body (1 hr 43min)

Recommended for: anyone who wants to understand how our our bodies work, and how technology is changing the shape of medicine and our minds.

Playlist thumbnails5

Environment (2 hr 20 min)

Recommended for: nature lovers who want to see the beauty of our world and those trying to understand and preserve it.


Animals (2 hrs 40 min)

Recommended for: lovers of the furry, feathery, scaly and slimy!


Numbers (1 hr 39 min)

Recommended for: those curious to see how numbers and data shape our culture and drive our decisions.


Space (2 hrs 25 min)

Recommended for: everyone fascinated by the universe and our place in it


Sci-fi (51 min)

Recommended for: grown ups. Please note that this playlist is rated M and contains films with nudity and mild sex scenes.

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